Camino Home

Absinthe drink with cream, orgeat, mint and egg white    14
Gin drink with citrus, cream, gum syrup, egg white
and sparkling wine    11
Tomato drink with pilsner, lime, salt, pepper and chile    9
Quince brandy drink with rum, lemon, gum syrup
and sparkling wine    12
Aged rum drink with lemon, puerh tea, grenadine
and hibiscus bitters    12
Apple brandy drink with lemon, maple and egg white    11
Mezcal drink with lemon, sugar and coffee    10
Freedom with lemon, plum shrub and rosemary    6
Orange juice    3.5
Apple juice    3
Homemade doughnuts with strawberries    7
Basket of grilled bread    3.5
Sweet condiment plate: sheepsmilk ricotta, walnut butter,
Barhi dates and homemade Lisbon lemon marmalade    6 
Savory condiment plate: Fiscalini cheddar, lardo,
pickled vegetables and herb jam    6
Grilled pork and herb sausages    6
Potatoes roasted in duck fat    5
Wood oven-baked egg with herbs and cream    one for 3.5
                                                                               two for 6.5
Butter lettuce salad with homemade vinegar and herbs    8
Poached eggs with fresh shellbeans, sweet peppers
and pickled chiles    10
Hen-of-the-woods mushroom and chrysanthemum frittata
with beets and radishes    10
Grilled local albacore skewer with grilled rutabaga,
tomato confit and preserved lemon    13
Slow-cooked lamb ragù with red lentils, greens
and minty yogurt    13
with a poached egg    15
Stoneground oats with brown butter, maple syrup
and almonds    7
French toast with fruit compote, hazelnuts and crème fraîche    14
Tunisian orange cake with Valencia oranges and yogurt    8


October 27, 2013
Corkage 20 per 750ml
18% gratuity will be added for parties of 6 or more


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