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Vermouth cocktail with Cardamaro, homemade nocino
and sparkling wine    9
Sparkling wine cocktail with vermouth, Gran Classico
and maraschino liqueur    11
Camino Negroni ~ Voyager gin, sweet vermouth
and Gran Classico    11
Gin Martini ~ Leopold’s gin or Hans Reisetbauer Blue gin,
dry vermouth, orange bitters and lemon twist    9 or 12
Rum cocktail with dry vermouth, orange liqueur
and grenadine    12
Oaxacan Old Fashioned ~ tequila reposado, mezcal,
agave and Angostura-style bitters    12
Apple brandy cocktail with génépy and sweet vermouth     11
Rye cocktail with Bonal, quinquina and orange liqueur    10
Gin drink with lemon, borage, gum syrup
and sparkling wine    10
Pisco sour with lemon, orange syrup and egg white    9
Aged rum drink with lime, Angostura-style bitters, mint
and sparkling wine    12
Tequila drink with lemon, vermouth blanc and lovage    10
Mezcal drink with apple, lemon and grenadine    10
Brandy drink with lime, PX sherry and Tyler’s orgeat    12
Bourbon drink with orange liqueur, grapefruit, honey
and crushed ice    12
Rye drink with lemon, red wine, gum syrup
and orange bitters    9
Freedom ~ lemon, plum shrub, rosemary and gum syrup    6
Bodegas Robles Fino Sherry, Spain    8 (4oz)
2004 Tournelle Arbois “Vin Jaune”, Jura    13 (2oz)
Boiled egg with salted mullet roe    6
Aged sheepsmilk and greens toast    5
Olives with preserved lemon    4
Fiscalini cheddar    7
November 1, 2013
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